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An Exclusive Offer to Become a Data Layer Insider

There’s a big difference between having a measurement strategy, and having a measurement strategy that actually makes you successful.

Would you agree?

My name is Zach Randall, the founder & CEO of ListenLayer.

I also own a marketing agency and have had the rare opportunity to see and build measurement strategies for hundreds of organizations.

I’ve had a chance to see what works and what doesn’t, not only based on WHAT was implemented, but also
HOW it was implemented.

What I’ve found over the years is shocking, and it’s undeniable when you look at the data.

Here’s what we found: that organizations with the most successful measurement strategies and outcomes always do two things really well.

#1 – they use some sort of framework for collaboration – so that their measurement strategy is planned well

#2 – they always have the ability to implement custom programming for their measurement

But here’s what I’ve also found over the years: almost no one can do this successfully!

As a marketer, webmaster, or measurement professional I’m sure you’ve experienced the same thing. People and processes are always putting up roadblocks that keep you from doing your job correctly.

Plus most of us aren’t programmers, and even if you are, the challenges that come with documenting and maintaining custom measurement code are overwhelming.

That’s why I’ve invented two critical things that you need to know about. These things are going to allow you to build & implement measurement strategies that are 10x better with less effort and no programming.

The first one is Listeners. These allow you to implement advanced measurement strategies that would traditionally require an entire programming team – but you can do them yourself with no coding experience at all!

The second one is our proprietary Measurement Framework that guides you through the collaboration needed to make your measurement strategy successful.

So here’s the deal…

After OneConference, we’re going to be making an announcement with an exclusive offer for conference attendees only – we’re literally going to Pay You to become a data layer expert.

Now, you’ll have to put some skin in the game, but you’ll effectively be making 27x your original investment – so you literally have nothing to lose.

Now, if this is not enough, let me tell you about one more critically important thing:

We’re building a small group of Data Layer Insiders. Think of this as a sort of “Mastermind for Measurement Professionals” – a group of really smart individuals who are committed to making each other better measurement professionals. If you make it to this group, you’ll have inside access to me and my team, you’ll get to influence our development roadmap, be part of the industry’s best insider support group, and you’ll be invited to intimate events where you can learn to grow your business and skills even more.

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We want you to become a Data Layer Insider.

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What are Listeners?

Listeners are like thousands of sensors waiting to collect and transform user activity and characteristics from your website into structured data. Once you deploy these sensors, you’ll become a marketing-data superhero!