Plans & Pricing

Our goal is to provide immense value and fanatical support.

ListenLayer grows easily with your needs. Our Free plan lets you experience and tests the most advanced features while our paid plans unlock more volume. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with amazing value and excellent customer support so you can get up and running with better marketing data in no time!


free forever


Perfect for proofs of concept, learning, and testing.

Sandbox Plan Features
  • Icon LayerUnlimited Standard Listeners
  • Icon Earth2 Domains
  • Icon Tick1,000 Monthly Users

per month, billed annually, or $24.99/mo paid monthly


Scale users with control over privacy and consent.

Starter Plan Features
  • Icon LayerUnlimited Standard Listeners
  • Icon Earth2 Domains
  • Icon UserPrivacy & Consent Control
  • Icon Star1 Premium Listeners
  • Icon Tick10,000 Monthly Users
  • Icon Tick$0.004 / Extra User

per month, billed annually, or $61.25 month-to-month


Premium features & Listeners with more scale.

Team Plan Features
  • Icon LayerUnlimited Standard Listeners
  • Icon Earth4 Domains
  • Icon UserPrivacy & Consent Control
  • Icon Star2 Premium Listeners
  • Icon Tick20,000 Monthly Users
  • Icon Tick$0.003 / Extra User

per month, billed annually, or $161.25 month-to-month.


Premium features & Listeners with more scale.

Pro Plan Features
  • Icon LayerUnlimited Standard Listeners
  • Icon Earth10 Domains
  • Icon UserPrivacy & Consent Control
  • Icon Star8 Premium Listeners
  • Icon Tick50,000 Monthly Users
  • Icon Tick$0.002 / Extra User
  • Icon TickEvent Value Reporting

per month, billed annually, or $348.75 month-to-month.


Unlimited premium features, increased user volume.

Business Plan Features
  • Icon LayerUnlimited Standard Listeners
  • Icon Earth15 Domains
  • Icon UserPrivacy & Consent Control
  • Icon StarUnlimited Premium Listeners
  • Icon Tick150,000 Monthly Users
  • Icon Tick$0.001 / Extra Users
  • Icon TickEvent Value Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my ListenLayer account?

You can cancel your ListenLayer account at any time.  If you have subscribed to a monthly plan, we will refund you a prorated amount based on any portion of your plan that has been prepaid. If you subscribe to an annual plan, you receive a significant discount and cannot receive a prorated refund if you cancel during your term unless you do so during the first 30 days of your subscription. Of course, you can always switch to annual once your measurement strategy is fully deployed.

How are monthly events calculated and billed?

An event occurs every time ListenLayer pushes data into the data layer.  Each plan comes with a specific number of events per billing cycle (roughly a month). You can see the number of events used at any time by logging into your account (we even provide an estimate of your final usage for a billing cycle).

If your event usage exceeds your plan’s allowed events, we will accumulate the extra cost and charge your credit card for the additional use at the end of the billing cycle. If you have a paid plan, this will occur automatically. If you have a free plan and you run out of events, we will give you ten days to get your credit card plugged in so that your account remains active.

You will receive emails about your event usage and extra charges and find notices about them inside the platform.

Why do you charge for extra events?

We base our pricing on usage to make our tool accessible to everyone! This allows us to serve small websites using a free plan while also enabling enterprise-level plans and services. However, higher volume websites and measurement strategies utilize heavier loads on our servers. So a component of the cost of our platform is based on usage volume (i.e., the number of events you push into the data layer using ListenLayer).

What is event reporting?

Some of our plans support reporting and saving values in your reports.

When data layer events occur on your website, ListenLayer counts the activity at the event and variable levels and makes this data available inside the ListenLayer platform for you to run reports and view trend lines. This is extremely helpful for debugging and monitoring website measurement activity, but it can also be used as a secondary form of website analytics.

Pro plans and up also allow you to store values inside variables that appear in the data layer. This makes the reporting feature more powerful!  Please note that it is against our terms & conditions to use this feature to store any personally identifying information such as names, emails addresses, and phone numbers.

Do you have plans for larger websites and enterprises?

We do have plans for larger businesses and enterprises. However, we do not show them on our pricing page to simplify the options! Once you create a ListenLayer account, you’ll be able to see additional plans available for upgrading.

All plans currently require payment on a credit card. We have plans to allow for invoicing if your enterprise requires it; however, this will only be available at our highest level of plan and will require annual commitments.

Ultimately, our goal is to make ListenLayer accessible to all marketers, so we recommend starting with a simple plan and upgrading as you get your implementation complete.

How can I reduce event usage to save money?

If you are looking to reduce your ListenLayer cost by limiting your event usage, we recommend looking at your event volume by Listener and Feature. In addition, you may be able to turn off certain features while you are not using them to reduce your event usage significantly.

For example, ListenLayer can push events into the data layer when forms load on a page. This can be useful for debugging and setting up measurement but may not be something you need to leave on all of the time. Instead, simply turn off that Feature inside of your Listener and publish your changes!