Data Freedom for Marketers

The fastest and most reliable way to get all the data you need to prove (and boost) your marketing results - no programming required!

We help serious marketers take back control of their data! No more broken, inconsistent, anonymous marketing data. Centralize a reliable strategy, get better data, and tie it to revenue and pipeline. Join us today! - I guarantee you'll be amazed.

Zach Randall,Founder & CEO
Zach Randall

What is ListenLayer?

ListenLayer is the marketer's single source of truth - a centralized platform to define and automate your measurement strategy, enrich and deliver data where you need it, and tie marketing activity to real people, companies, and revenue - so you can learn what works and optimize outcomes.

With built-in consent and privacy, server-side tagging, and cookieless architecture, ListenLayer is more than just web analytics - it's the future of marketing data.

Automate Your Data

Collect marketing & website data faster, more accurately, and with less effort using our library of prebuilt Listeners. No more inaccurate tracking schemes and waiting on IT.

Distribute Your Data

Power centralized conversion tracking & distribute data to the analytics tools and advertising platforms you use. Now everything comes from an accurate, centralized source of truth.

Remain Compliant

Remain compliant with centralized consent & privacy management. Replace (or augment) 3rd party Consent Management Platforms to centralize how you identify, track, and target users.

Gain Insights

Obtain a new perspective on marketing. Generate behavioral insights (like Google Analytics) that can be tied to real people, companies, and revenue for a full view of marketing performance and revenue attribution.

Who Uses ListenLayer?

Marketing teams from agencies and mid-sized companies to global enterprises benefit from ListenLayer every day.

“I’ve been using ListenLayer since 2021 and can’t imagine a better way to help track significant user interactions on a website.”

Fred Pike,NWS Digital

It’s your data… Own it!

ListenLayer does not sell or use your data for our own benefit (unlike those "free" analytics tools).

Your data belongs to you - now you have the freedom to use it how you've always wanted.

Security-first Architecture

We take the security of your data seriously, with full encryption, access controls, and proactive measures.

ListenLayer is currently pursuing SOC2, Type 2 compliance to reflect our commitment to security.

Speed Matters

Improve your website's speed and SEO scores by implementing server side tagging and loading remaining libraries over your own domain...

ListenLayer enables both, easily!

Privacy Compliance

How we identify users and store data enables compliance with ever-changing privacy laws.

Our architecture supports GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, and other regulatory requirements, and ListenLayer can be used to completely replace (or augment) other Consent Managment Platforms.

Mark Twain
Mark Twain:

The secret of getting ahead is getting started

How to get started

ListenLayer is built, and ready for enterprise use. But our goal is to be available to companies of all sizes. Here's how you can get started.

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