B2B Marketers

Connect Marketing Investment to Pipeline & Revenue

No Tedious, Manual Reporting Required.

ListenLayer will give you the data you need to earn a place in the revenue discussion.
Zachary W. RandallFounder & CEO
Zachary W. Randall

How does it work?

B2B Marketers need more than conversion tracking & analytics... they need to prove results.

With ListenLayer, you can identify real people in your marketing data, and tie marketing activities (and behavioral analytics) to pipeline and revenue.

ListenLayer is like...

Google Analytics (merged with Google Tag Manager) but with the ability to identify real people and companies...

and to tie activity directly to your pipeline in your CRM

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ListenLayer automatically

generates powerful data from your website and marketing activities.
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how you define conversions and KPIs to improve top of funnel data quality.
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ListenLayer identifies

real people and companies alongside you analytics data.
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Connect your external data

to align pipeline and revenue metrics to your marketing investments.
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Use prebuilt reports

to deliver insights that will amaze your team.

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See how ListenLayer generates better marketing data and connects it to your leads and revenue. We'll customize the demo to your specific needs

Features that B2B Marketers Love

Better Data for B2B

ListenLayer's data structure is uniquely built for B2B marketers. Easily create a robust marketing data strategy that combines behavioral analytics, company data, audience insights, and pipeline into a single view.

Connect Marketing to Revenue

Connect your marketing investment to pipeline, opportunities, and revenue by connecting your CRM data. We support a completely flexible structure to match your custom objects and buyer's stages.

Influence & Attribution

Understand how various activities and channels influence your pipeline and revenue so you can earn a place in the revenue discussion (by proving marketing's contribution).

Built for Marketing Operations

Your marketing, sales, and revenue operations teams will love how ListenLayer empowers them to save time, increase data reliability, and centralize the truth.

Non-Technical Implementation

Implement ListenLayer without deep involvement from your IT team, programmers, or engineering. Rely on our no-code customization and world-class support team.

Security-first Architecture

ListenLayer is currently pursuing SOC2, Type 2 compliance and executes regular security and penetration testing. Our architecture supports GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, and other regulatory requirements.

Consent & Compliance Management

ListenLayer is consent-first. The core architecture of how we identify users and store data focuses on enabling compliance with ever-changing privacy laws. ListenLayer can replace, or augment, your current CMP tool for simplicity and savings.

100% First Party, Server Side

Implement server side tracking with the flip of a switch. Utilize your own sub domain to achieve a 100% first-party data strategy that boosts your website speed and data accuracy.

The Future of Cookieless

ListenLayer offers a cookieless architecture to future-proof your measurement strategy. The future is already here!

B2B Google Analytics Alternative

Break away from Google's stack while receiving even batter data and powering what marketing requires. Your data belongs to you (not Google), take it back!

Minimize Your Tech Stack

ListenLayer can replace a number of tools in your tech stack, saving you money while centralizing and simplifying a source of truth.

World Class Support

Lean on our world class support to fill knowledge gaps and ensure a successful implementation - while minimizing time investment from IT and development resources!

Schedule a B2C Marketing Demo

See how ListenLayer generates better marketing data and connects it to your leads and revenue. We'll customize the demo to your specific needs