Marketing Leaders

Tie Marketing Activity to Revenue

Without Dedicating Massive Resources to Manual Reporting

Your job is to prove (and improve) marketing's contribution to revenue and pipeline. ListenLayer bridges the gap between marketing analytics and revenue - automatically! The impossible just became possible.

Report Revenue, Not Conversions

Bridge the gap between marketing analytics and your revenue reporting. ListenLayer allows your team to build robust reports across channels, so you can prove results.

No More "Anonymous" Data

Identify real leads, prospects, and companies in your marketing and campaign analytics. Learn what's really working so your team can stop guessing.

Speed & Data Quality

Future-proof your data strategy! ListenLayer enables 100% first-party, cookieless tracking while improving the speed of your website. Implementation is easy and requires no programming.

Privacy Compliance, Out of the Box

Cookie laws are complicated. Centralize your compliance and reduce the number of tools you rely on with ListenLayer's built-in (and pre-configured) CMP - or integrate with the tools you already use.

Trust Your Data

Take your data strategy in-house and stop the endless, revolving door of re-builds. ListenLayer allows your team to confidently implement and maintain a single, long-term strategy that you can trust!

Centralize Definitions

Centralize how you define conversions and KPIs used across your data destinations like Google Ads, GA4, LinkedIn, Facebook, Microsoft Ads, Twitter, and more...

Google Analytics Alternative

Finally! An alternative to Google Analytics that provides more features and allows you to own, and use your data the way your team needs. Stop serving Google's interests and start serving your own.

World Class Support

Fill gaps in your team by leaning on our world class support to ensure successful implementation. Be confident you have a partner that cares about your data needs.

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