Analytics & Data Professionals

Implement Measurement 10x Faster and Generate Better Insights

No Programming Required

Your job is to unlock the power of data... to generate insights that drive better marketing results. With ListenLayer, you'll spend less time "tagging" and more time innovating your measurement strategies.

Spend Less Time Implementing

Analytics professionals commonly report a 90% reduction in implementation time when using ListenLayer to power measurement. Track forms, chats, ecommerce, and web interactions across multiple analytics & marketing platforms in minutes, not hours.

Centralize Definitions

Centralize how you define conversions and KPIs used across your data destinations like Google Ads, GA4, LinkedIn, Facebook, Microsoft Ads, Twitter, and more...

Clean Up Google Tag Manager

Implement a clean, simple, and organized measurement strategy that reduces the number of tags, triggers, and custom scripts you need to manage

Data Layer Adoption

ListenLayer pushes everything you need into the data layer. Write rules to persist values, and to customize, enhance, and segment your data - no programming required. Your hands will never be tied again!

100% First Party, Server Side

Implement server side tracking with the flip of a switch. Utilize your own sub domain to achieve a 100% first-party data strategy that boosts your website speed and data accuracy.

Simplify Ongoing Management

Write rules to monitor your analytics implementations and receive notifications if something breaks or changes. Managing your measurement strategy after implementation has never been easier!

Google Analytics Alternative

Offer a Google Analytics alternative with more features, prebuilt reports, and insights about actual people and companies on your website. With ListenLayer, you own your data.

Centralize Consent Management

Stop using 3rd party tools to manage consent, privacy, and cookie popups from the outside. ListenLayer's full CMP features allow you to manage your compliance directly at the source.

Revenue Attribution

Enhance your use of "web analytics" by connecting outside data to understand how marketing acitvities drive down-funnel leads and revenue.

The Future of Cookieless

ListenLayer offers a cookieless architecture to future-proof your measurement strategy. You're going to be amazed!

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