URL Parameter Data Layers

Our custom Listeners make it easy to generate data layers from URL Parameters on your website. Check out the samples below and get started for free!

URL Parameter Data Layer Examples

Learn more about how ListenLayer generates powerful data layers from the activity on your website, specifically from URL Parameters.

Custom Data Layer Events

Generate automatic data layer events, like those shown here, when users view pages on your website containing URL Parameters. Collect and track unique user data in all of your marketing platforms automatically by building a tracking framework in ListenLayer – no programming required!


event: 'urlParameters'

Automatic Data Layer Values

ListenLayer pushes critical information from your URL Parameter activity into the data layer automatically. For example, this code to the right shows an example of data pushed into the data layer every time a user visits a page containing a URL parameter. The data layer automatically captures all relevant values, allowing you to utilize the data directly in your web analytics or write rules to customize your data layer further.

All data layer values can be captured inside marketing platforms or as variables using Google Tag Manager.

urlAutomaticValues: {
    parameters: {
      parametername1: 'value1',
      parametername2: 'value2',
      parametername3: 'value3'
    queryStringLocation: {
      href: 'http://www.yourdomain.com/hubspot-regular-form/',
      host: 'www.yourdomain.com',
      hostname: 'www.yourdomain.com',
      pathname: '/hubspot-regular-form/',
      protocol: 'http:',
      originPathName: 'http://www.yourdomain.com/hubspot-regular-form/',
      queryString: '?parametername1=value1&parametername2=value2&parametername3=value3',
      pathnameQueryString: '/hubspot-regular-form/?parametername1=value1&parametername2=value2&parametername3=value3',
      originPathNameQueryString: 'http://www.yourdomain.com/hubspot-regular-form/?parametername1=value1&parametername2=value2&parametername3=value3'

Custom Data Layer Values

ListenLayer allows you to write rules that generate powerfully custom data layer values using your URL parameters, website, and user activity data. With this feature, data collection and marketing analytics becomes nearly limitless!

Some examples of popular custom data layer values for URL Parameters:

  • Filter out test traffic by asking your team to include a testing URL parameter
  • Manage your entire campaign code system inside ListenLayer, pushing unique characteristics into the data layer based on a single URL Parameter
  • Filter our preview traffic from your CMS
  • Understand and refine traffic sources

Once you realize the power of customization with Listeners, you’ll never go back to old-school conversion tracking!

urlCustomValues: {
    //custom variable values display here based on rules you write
    campaignName: 'Linkedin Campaign 1'