Examples of GTM Data Layer Tracking

See how easy it is to implement conversion tracking and capture data through ListenLayer with Google Tag Manager.

Setting Up Conversion Tracking for Google Tag Manager Has Never Been Easier

With ListenLayer, configuring tracking for Google Tag Manager becomes so easy, you’ll be looking for ways to spend your time enhancing your marketing data, rather than accomplishing the basics. Watch real use case examples of how ListenLayer improves your ability track conversions.

Multi-Step Form Submission Tracking Into Google Tag Manager

Now you can easily track multi-step form submission data using [listener_name_plural] and ListenLayer. Learn how easy and powerful it is.

Categorize Conversions into Google Tag Manager

Use ListenLayer to categorize your conversion tracking inside of Google Tag Manager by managing easy rules inside of the platform.

Track Form Submissions Into Google Tag Manager

Automate your form conversion tracking at scale for platforms and analytics tools like Google Tag Manager. Learn how easy it is.

Remove Test Users from Analytics & Data

Use ListenLayer to write powerful rules that identify test users and filter them out of your website analytics & conversion tracking on platforms like [listener_name_plural].

Filter Out Test Form Conversions

ListenLayer allows you to write rules that identify and filter our test form submissions before sending data to Google Tag Manager. Learn how easy it is to improve your data quality.