Capture & Track Users' Weather

A powerful Listener that generates data layers so that you can capture and utilize website visitors' Weather conditions in your web analytics strategy.

Get Started Capturing & Using Visitors' Weather

Place a single script on your website (using GTM or directly in your code) and turn on the User Weather Listener. Whenever a visitor begins a session on your website or application, the Listener will push their weather details into the data layer. Choose between recent historical weather, current weather, and forecast weather – or use them all.

Use ListenLayer to push custom values into the data layer based on the user’s weather and then capture it all with GTM. Once inside GTM, ListenLayer’s variables and events can be used to power all of your web analytics dynamically!

Once you realize the power of data layers from ListenLayer, you’ll never go back!

Why User's Weather Matters

Many businesses and websites are affected by local weather conditions. Capturing and storing this data along with your standard analytics can drive additional insights for better decision-making. It can also be useful if you need this data to drive the personalization or customization of your website or application.

How to Capture Users' Weather In Your Analytics

To capture visitors’ local weather would typically require custom programming and then the maintenance of that code. In addition, you’d be required to subscribe to an API providing the data.

With ListenLayer, anyone can easily capture and use visitors’ local weather information from their website or application.

Simply install the ListenLayer script, turn on the Listener, and you’ll automatically receive weather details in the data layer. Once in the data layer, you can use Google Tag Manager to grab the details and push them into your analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics 4 or Facebook. Of course, you can also capture them directly in your first-party data collection strategy (using BigQuery, Snowflake, or RedShift).

Historic, Current, and Forecast Weather

Turn on different features inside the User Weather Listener. Choose to utilize recent weather activity (over the previous three days), forecast weather (over the following three days), or the user’s current weather conditions.

Temperature, Precipitation, and Other Details

ListenLayer’s weather data is rich and comprehensive. All data layer events include details of precipitation activity, temperature (celsius and fahrenheit), cloud cover and humidity, general weather conditions, and seasonal information such as daytime minutes.