Capture & Track Visitors' Traffic Source

A powerful Listener that automatically identifies where website visitors originate from and makes the data available in the data layer (for use in Google Tag Manager).

Get Started Capturing User Source

Place a single script on your website (using GTM) and turn on the User Source Listener. We’ll automatically push structured data into the data layer whenever users begin a new session on your website. The data layer will include details about where they originated from, similar to source/medium in Google Analytics, and you can write rules to customize how User Source is determined.

Once you realize the power of data layers from ListenLayer, you’ll never go back!

How It Works

Turn on the User Source Listener, and it will automatically identify where website visitors originate from when they begin a session on your website. Out of the box, ListenLayer includes rules that identify the user’s traffic source based on URL parameters and referrer details. You can customize these rules by adjusting them or adding simple or powerful rules to the platform.

The Data Layer Activity

The User Source details are pushed into the data layer as structured data whenever a session begins. Here you can see a user has originated from Google Organic (based on the rules we have inside of ListenLayer).

Once this detail is inside the data layer, you can use other powerful features in ListenLayer to customize, store, and use the data. You can also use Google Tag Manager to read the data layer and deliver data to all of your marketing analytics platforms.