Feed Better Data info GA4 - No Coding Required

Unlike the page view data mode used in Universal Analytics, Google Analytics 4 collects data based on events and parameters. Out of the box, GA4 collects standard data from visitors to your website, but the platform is much more powerful with some simple customization!

Ga4 allows you to capture any user event, along with all of its characteristics, to enhance and segment your data. Any event can be set as a conversion goal. You can even send in specific User Properties, allowing you to segment your visitor cohorts.  This sounds very powerful, but the challenge is getting the actual data you need to send to GA4. That’s where ListenLayer comes in.

How ListenLayer Automates GA4 Tracking

ListenLayer provides improved conversion tracking and data capture through powerful data layers and events. Simply install our script, turn on the listener, and watch as data layers and events populate into GTM’s preview tool.

Use Triggers and variables inside of GTM to create a dynamic, scalable tracking framework that sends custom events and parameters into Google Analytics – precisely the way you need it!

How to Implement Listeners for GA4

Implement a simple script tag on your website (using GTM) and turn on Listeners for your applications. We’ll push structure data from your user activity and characteristics into the data layer, making them easy to capture and push into GA4. Common use cases include:

  • Automating your form conversion tracking
  • Collecting chat activity and writing rules to create conversions
  • Segmenting conversion activity and assigning values
  • Automatically collecting video engagement metrics
  • Collecting your visitors’ local weather (recent, current, and forecasted)

ListenLayer is always expanding our library of Listeners so you can continually enhance your data collection and segmentation.

Once you’ve got the basics down, you can start to write powerful rules that customize your data layers, allowing you to enhance Ga4 by adding data and segmentation specific to your needs.

Build future-proof, unified tracking with Listeners & data layers for Google Analytics 4.

Using Custom Events & Parameters in GA4

The entire purpose of GA4 is to leverage custom events, along with parameters (characteristics of those events), to collect data that is meaningful to your website. This would typically require custom programming and difficult maintenance. ListenLayer makes it easy by automating the process and allowing marketers to write custom rules with no programming required.

Building a Website Tracking Framework

ListenLayer simplifies the difficult aspects of conversion tracking and data capture, so you can focus on building a powerful tracking model and getting the data you need inside GA4.

Build a tracking framework by doing these four things:

  1. Leverage data layers to trigger events based on valid actions on your website
  2. Build custom data layer values that allow you to categorize website activity
  3. Use data layer values to create a tracking model in GTM, one that is easy to understand and scale
  4. Automate the collection of events, parameters, and user properties into Google Analytics 4 by building simple, dynamic, and scalable tags inside GTM that leverage ListenLayer’s automation