Listen for Existing Data Layer Events

This Listener automatically identifies existing ("native") data layer activity on your website and makes it available for you to customize using ListenLayer's no-code interface. This gives you the ability to utilize existing data layer activity or gain access to data for your measurement strategy with minimal custom programming.

Get Started Capturing & Using Native Data Layers

Place a single script on your website (using GTM) and turn on the Native Data Layers Listener. Then identify the event names from data layer activity that already exists on your website. Whenever these “native” data layer events occur during a user’s session, ListenLayer will capture them and allow you to customize the data in a secondary push.

This Listener provides tremendous value in situations where you have existing data layer activity that needs to be customized – no programming required – or you need your programming team to provide some application data for you to use inside your remaining measurement strategy.

How Native Data Layers Work

Listeners automatically identify critical user activity and characteristics from your website and pushes data from these activities into the data layer object.

But sometimes your website already contains some important data layer events, and you need to gain access to modify or use them in new ways. That’s what the Native Data Layers Listener allows you to do – target existing data layer events and then write rules to modify the variables within the data layer, no programming required!