Native Data Layer Listener - Example Data Layer Events

Modify existing data layer events and variables on your website using the Native Data Layers Listener. The Listener will duplicate existing data layer activity into a new event, giving you the ability to modify the contents of the data layer with rules you write and maintain inside ListenLayer. Check out the data layer examples below.

Native Data Layer Examples

Learn how the Native Data Layer Listener generates customizable events based on data layers that exist on your website.

Custom Data Layer Events

When ListenLayer identifies activity from a native (existing) data layer event you’re targeting in the platform, the data is duplicated and pushed into an event called ‘nativeDataLayer.’

event: 'nativeDataLayer'

Automatic Values

The data layer activity includes an exact copy of the original data layer event and variable. In the example shown here, the existing (“native”) data layer event that we targeted inside ListenLayer was called ‘prePageview.’

ListenLayer has duplicated the contents of that data layer push into a new object called ‘prePageviewDetails.’

  nativedatalayer: {
    prePageviewDetails: {
      campaignPhone: "1-000-000-0000",
      omCode: "CI0224",
      origin: "CI",
      testUser: "No",
      trackingCode: "0224"

Custom Data Layer Values

The simple duplication of an existing, native data layer event is only useful if you can modify or report on it – ListenLayer allows you to do this with no programming skills at all!

Use information from the native data layer event, along with browser storage (cookies, local storage, sessions storage) and other information to push custom values into your data layer.

Custom values are pushed into a section of the data layer called ‘nativedatalayerCustomValues.’

  nativedatalayerCustomValues: {
 //custom values appear here based on rules you write inside ListenLayer

Monitoring & Reporting

ListenLayer enables powerful monitoring and reporting features for all of your data layer activity, including native data layers you are listening for in the platform.

Use this to measure activities over time and receive notifications with anomalies occur!