WooCommerce Analytics Tracking

A powerful Listener that automatically tracks e-commerce activity on your WooCommerce store. This Listener supports Universal Analytics (Enhanced Ecommerce) and GA4 Ecommerce tracking out of the box. In addition, data is pushed into the data layer, so you can use Google Tag Manager to power e-commerce tracking in any marketing analytics platform.

Fast, Easy, & Powerful E-commerce Tracking for WooCommerce

It’s never been easier to set up E-commerce tracking for a WooCommerce store using Google Tag Manager, GA4, Universal Analytics, and other marketing platforms. ListenLayer automatically generates all major events & data layer variables required by these analytics tools. And because the data is pushed to the data layer, you can use it to power e-commerce tracking in other platforms, like the following:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Mixpanel
  • Heap
  • Microsoft Ads
  • and more…

Get up and running with full E-commerce tracking across both GA4 and Universal Analytics in a matter of minutes!

Why Use ListenLayer & the Data Layer for E-commerce Tracking

ListenLayer automatically identifies shopping activity on your WooCommerce store, structures the data, and pushes it into the data layer. Then, tools like Google Tag Manager, GA4, and Universal Analytics are configured to read the data layer to streamline your e-commerce measurement. In a matter of minutes, you can turn on ListenLayer, import our GTM settings, and begin sending comprehensive e-commerce data to all of your marketing analytics platforms – no programming required!

Once you have the basics implemented and all of your data is in the data layer, the sky is the limit! Then, begin to use more advanced features inside ListenLayer, such as monitoring notifications, reporting, and custom data layer & browser storage values. With ListenLayer, you’ll become a marketing data superhero!

ListenLayer requires no programming time or skills! We automatically get and structure all the data you need for e-commerce tracking. In addition, we automate the e-commerce data layer, including clearing the ecommerce object to avoid recursive merge issues (if you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about it… we have you covered!).

GA4 Ecommerce Tracking Support

ListenLayer automatically supports the perfect data layer structure for GA4 e-commerce tracking out of the box. We’ll organize all the data from shopping activity on your WooCommerce website and push it into the data layer. We support these e-commerce events for GA4:

  • purchase
  • begin_checkout
  • view_cart
  • add_to_cart
  • remove_from_cart
  • view_item_list
  • select_item
  • view_item
  • add_shipping_info
  • add_payment_info

Each event and its data layer structure is configured to streamline tracking into GA4 using GTM. The setup is very simple and fast if you’re new to e-commerce tracking! If you’re a power user, you can use ListenLayer to adjust the data layer activity for your needs.

Enhanced Ecommerce (Universal Analytics) Support

It’s important to still support Enhanced Ecommerce! If you’re new to GA4 or simply aren’t planning to upgrade, using Enhanced Ecommerce in Universal Analytics should be on your measurement list!

ListenLayer automatically supports Enhanced Ecommerce tracking with a specific set of data layer events configured perfectly to streamline tracking.

  • completePurchase
  • beginCheckout
  • checkoutOption (shipping and billing details)
  • addToCart
  • removeFromCart
  • productImpressions
  • productClick
  • viewProductDetail

Simply turn on the events you want to track, import our preconfigured GTM settings, and you’ll be ready to track all your data in Enhanced Ecommerce.

Tracking UA & GA4 Ecommerce

ListenLayer specifically supports GA4 Ecommerce tracking with a unique set of data layer events structured only for GA4. This allows you to avoid implementing GA4 tracking using Enhanced Ecommerce events, which results in subpar tracking in GA4. With ListenLayer, you’ll have a unique, separate set of events for GA4 and Enhanced Ecommerce. So ditch the complicated upgrade process and use the WooCommerce Listener!

Google Tag Manager Support

Our Listeners are configured to streamline all of your web analytics & measurement using Google Tag Manager and the data layer.

For e-commerce tracking, we even provide a quick import file to configure your tracking automatically with events from our Listener. This import makes it easy to automatically register all e-commerce variables inside GTM, configure tags to send data to GA4 and Universal Analytics, and set up your triggers. You can download the files after enabling the WooCommerce Listener inside your account.

ListenLayer requires only minutes to configure your e-commerce tracking. Because everything goes into the data layer, you can set up other tags such as the Facebook Purchase Event, Google Ads Purchase Conversions, or Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing for retail.

Custom Events & Data Layers

With ListenLayer, place a single script tag on your website (via GTM), and we’ll track all e-commerce activity accurately and automatically. Then, we push this data into the data layer, which becomes available to write simple, yet powerful, rules in GTM to scale your tracking. It also increases the accuracy of conversions you receive.

You can then use our platform to write simple, powerful rules to customize your measurement and data collection. For example:

  • Capture traffic source from website visitors and include it with your purchase data for better attribution
  • Write rules to push custom values into your data layer based on things like product categories or e-commerce activity
  • Set up monitoring rules and receive notifications when e-commerce activity occurs (or doesn’t occur)
  • Store data from your visitors’ e-commerce activity in the browser using cookies, local storage, or session storage