Track Outbound Clicks Using the Data Layer

This Listener automatically identifies all outbound clicks from your website and pushes detailed information into the data layer for each click. Customize the data layer using ListenLayer and then use Google Tag Manager, or another container solution, to deliver the data to all of your marketing platforms as events.

Tracking Outbound Clicks Has Never Been Easier

Place a single script on your website (using GTM or directly in the code) and turn on the Outbound Clicks Listener. We’ll automatically push structured data into the data layer whenever a visitor clicks on a URL that navigates away from your website.

Customize ListenLayer’s automatic rules that identify Outbound Clicks and write rules that enhance your data layer activity. Then use Google Tag Manager to read the data layer and deliver event details to all your web analytics platforms.

Once you realize the power of data layers from ListenLayer, you’ll never go back!

Why Use ListenLayer for Outbound Clicks

ListenLayer automatically identifies all outbound click opportunities on your website, you can also customize the rules that define an outbound click. Once the Listener is on, it’s always Listening. Every Outbound Click will be accurately pushed into the data layer, along with all details about the click (including parsed URL parameters!). In addition, because the activity is centralized in the data layer, you can distribute the data to any marketing analytics platform via Google Tag Manager – you’ll no longer be limited to only Google Analytics.

How to Capture Outbound Clicks

ListenLayer runs on a set of website domains that you identify when configuring your account. After turning on the Outbound Clicks Listener, we’ll automatically create a rule to identify clicks that navigate away from these domains as “outbound.” Still, you can also customize these rules in very powerful ways! Any link click that matches the rules will automatically be parsed and pushed into the data layer.

Customizing the Data Layer & Browser Storage

Not only can ListenLayer automate your click tracking, but we also allow you to enhance it with custom rules that you create and manage in the platform – no programming required!

Write rules to push custom values into the data layer based on the click activity and characteristics. Based on the click activity, you can even store data in the browser (cookies, local storage, sessions storage).