Feed Better Data to Facebook Ads - No Coding Required

Marketers deserve easier conversion tracking & enhanced data capture – without additional programming and development. For example, Facebook Ads allows you to set up conversions and capture audience data for remarketing; however, most marketers don’t utilize Facebook Ads’ full power and standard events because they don’t have the ability to capture and organize more data from their website!

ListenLayer changes that by automatically generating data layers based on user activity on your website. Place a simple script on your website (using GTM) and turn on Listeners for the applications you use – then watch the data start flowing! Enhance your Facebook tracking by sending custom events, standard events, and parameters based on visitor activity on your website.

Build future-proof, unified tracking with Listeners & Data Layers for Google Ads.

How ListenLayer Improves Facebook Ads Tracking

ListenLayer provides improved conversion tracking and data capture through powerful data layers and events. Simply install our script, turn on Listeners, and watch as data layers and events populate into GTM’s preview tool.

Use Triggers and variables inside of GTM to create a dynamic, scalable tracking framework that sends data into Facebook Ads – precisely the way you need it!

The Wrong Way to Track Conversions in Facebook Ads

Marketers tend to throw together conversion tracking in Facebook Ads using Google Tag Manager, “thank you pages,” and button clicks. Or they use Facebook’s visual tagging tool, which can be equally inaccurate.

Not only can this lead to inaccurate data, it limits your ability to categorize and segment conversion or customize them with values specific to the visitor’s activity. Instead, you can take advantage of Facebook’s powerful standard and custom events to enhance your conversion tracking and audience data without extra work – simply install ListenLayer!

Building a Website Tracking Framework

ListenLayer simplifies the challenging aspects of conversion tracking and data capture, so you can focus on building a powerful tracking model and getting the data you need.

Build a Facebook Ads tracking framework by doing these things:

  1. Leverage ListenLayer’s automated data layers to trigger events based on valid actions on your website (form submissions, chat activity, video engagement)
  2. Build custom data layer values that allow you to categorize website activity
  3. Use data layer values to create a tracking model in GTM, one that is easy to understand and scale
  4. Automate the collection of data into Facebook Ads by building simple, dynamic, and scalable Facebook event tags inside GTM that leverage ListenLayer’s automation