Data Quality Use Cases

Remove Test Users from Analytics

Use ListenLayer to automatically detect test users from your marketing and development team so you can easily filter them out of your web analytics & conversion tracking.

Measure Form Submission Quality

Write powerful rules that measure form quality so you can segment your conversion tracking and website analytics to optimize towards leads and form submissions you want.

Track Conversions Across Multiple Marketing Platforms

Easily track conversions across all of your marketing platforms (Google Ads, Google Analytics, GA4, Linkedin, Facebook, Microsoft Ads, etc.) with this simple setup in ListenLayer.

Filter Out Test Form Submissions

Write powerful rules that customize your data layer when a test form is submitted, so you can clean up your data.

Receive Notifications When Data Collection Breaks

Use ListenLayer to power your custom GA4 tracking so you can take advantage of the new benefits of Google Analytics.

Track Chats Based on Quality

Customize your conversion tracking to focus only on high-quality chats by measuring the number of messages users send.

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