LinkedIn Ads Conversion Tracking Configuration

Use data layers and custom events to expand and improve your conversion tracking and audience insights in LinkedIn Ads.

Feed Better Data to LinkedIn Ads - No Coding Required

LinkedIn Ads allows you to set up conversions using the Insights tag or by sending custom events when a specific user activity occurs on your website. Most marketers settle for URL-based rules, which leave them unable to track events on many critical elements, or requires that they redirect users to “thank you pages,” an inaccurate and antiquated practice.

ListenLayer solves that by automatically generating data layers from user activity on your website. Place a simple script using GTM, turn on Listeners for the applications you use – then watch the data start flowing! Automate your conversion tracking by categorizing events to send conversions to LinkedIn Ads using custom events or capture user characteristics to enhance your remarketing audiences.

Build future-proof, unified tracking with Listeners & Data Layers for LinkedIn Ads.

How ListenLayer Improves LinkedIn Ads Tracking

ListenLayer improves conversion tracking and data capture through powerful data layers and events. Simply install our script, turn on the listener, and watch as data layers and events populate into GTM’s preview tool.

Use Triggers and variables inside of GTM to create a dynamic, scalable tracking framework that sends data into LinkedIn Ads – exactly the way you need it!

The Wrong Way to Track Conversions in LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads recommends using the “Insight Tag” to define your conversions, not because it is more accurate, powerful, or flexible but instead because it is easy! Despite being easy, this method leads to a number of issues:

  1. Critical actions must redirect a user to a “thank you page,” creating a subpar experience
  2. Inaccuracies in conversion tracking arise based on “thank you page” tracking
  3. You are unable to track important user actions in the browser, such as starting a chat or making progress through a multi-step form.

We recommend using the “event-specific” pixel to track conversions and activity inside of LinkedIn. It is very powerful, allowing a marketer to define conversion based on any website activity they desire – and now with ListenLayer, it’s even easier than the Insight Tag!

Building a Website Tracking Framework

ListenLayer simplifies the hard aspects of conversion tracking and data capture, so you can focus on building a powerful tracking model and getting the data you need.

Build a LinkedIn Ads tracking framework by doing these things:

  1. Leverage ListenLayer’s automated data layers to trigger conversions based on valid actions on your website (form submissions, chat activity, video engagement, etc.)
  2. Build custom data layer values that allow you to categorize website activity
  3. Use data layer values to create a tracking model in GTM, one that is easy to understand and scale
  4. Automate the collection of data into LinkedIn Ads by building simple, dynamic, and scalable tags inside GTM that leverage ListenLayer’s automation and LinkedIn Ads’ custom event tag (example shown here).
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