Custom Forms Tracking Examples

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Measure Form Submission Quality from Custom Forms

Use ListenLayer to write rules that measure form submission quality from Custom Forms. Use this information to segment and improve your conversion tracking and website analytics.

Easily Track Form Submissions from Custom Forms

Use ListenLayer to easily setup scalable, automated form conversion tracking for Custom Forms. The configuration takes only a few minutes!

Send Custom Events & Parameters to GA4 from Custom Forms

ListenLayer makes it so easy to send events & parameters into GA from marketing tools like Custom Forms. Now you can realize the full potential of Google Analytics 4’s powerful features.

Categorize Conversions from Custom Forms

You can use ListenLayer to categorize your Custom Form conversion tracking for better segmentation and analysis. Learn more here or jump to the full use case page.

Remove Test Users from Analytics & Data

Use ListenLayer to write powerful rules that identify test users and filter them out of your website analytics & conversion tracking.