Pardot Forms Tracking

Automatically push detailed activity from your Pardot Forms into the data layer for easy measurement and conversion tracking using Google Tag Manager.

Easier Pardot Form Conversion Tracking

Start using data layers to automate and enhance conversion tracking from Pardot Forms. Place a single script on your website, and we’ll Listen for activity from Pardot Forms across your website. Then, we’ll push this activity into the data layer to power your web analytics using tools like Google Tag Manager.

Customize your data layer and conversion tracking using powerful rules you write inside ListenLayer. Once you realize the power of ListenLayer, you’ll never go back!

What is Pardot Forms

Pardot is a popular marketing automation platform owned by Salesforce. It allows you to capture and nurture leads from your website. In addition, Pardot will enable you to create and manage forms for your website or landing pages. These can be used for lead generation and nurturing.

Many Pardot users end up with hundreds, if not thousands of forms and struggle to ensure conversion tracking is working across all of their marketing platforms! ListenLayer allows you to easily track activity from all your Pardot Forms in a scalable and customizable manner.

How to Track Pardot Forms

Pardot Forms can track submissions in a number of ways. Traditionally, it was acceptable to redirect users to a thank you page after submitting a form, and simple conversion tracking could be based on views of that thank you page. However, this creates a bad user experience, lower quality data accuracy, and doesn’t allow you to scale your lead generation while still segmenting conversion data.

Pardot also allows you to place conversion codes directly on the forms. However, if you track conversions into multiple marketing platforms (Facebook Ads, Linkedin, Google Ads, Google Analytics, etc.), you have hundreds of forms that cannot be easy to manage.

Use Listeners and Data Layers to Automate Conversion Tracking

With ListenLayer, place a single script tag on your website (via GTM), and we’ll track all Pardot Forms activity accurately and automatically. Then, we push this data into the data layer, which becomes available to write simple yet powerful rules in GTM to scale your tracking. It also increases the accuracy of conversions you track across all marketing platforms.

With custom variables, use our platforms to define rules that push custom values into the data layer, allowing you to supercharge your tracking and data collection.