Get Started with Easier Marketo Conversion Tracking

Upgrade your website analytics and conversions tracking with data layers for your Marketo Forms. Place a single script on your website (using Google Tag Manager), and we’ll listen for activity from Marketo Forms across your website and Marketo landing pages. When activity occurs, structured data is pushed into the visitor’s data layer so you can build a scalable, robust tracking framework using Google Tag Manager. You can even write rules to customize your data layers, enhancing insights from your web analytics.

Once you realize the power of data layers from ListenLayer, you’ll never go back!

How Marketo Works

Marketo is a popular marketing automation platform owned by Adobe and is often integrated with tools like Salesforce. Marketo allows companies to capture and nurture leads from websites and landing pages. Manage contacts, landing pages, forms, and nurturing campaigns inside Marketo.

Many Marketo users end up managing hundreds of individual forms and complex global forms. Each form may generate downloads of different content assets or add users to specific lists. Tracking all of your Marketo lead activity across multiple marketing platforms (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin, Google Analytics, etc.) can be challenging, especially with a high number of forms and multiple sales and marketing operations teams.

Google Tag Manager helps to solve some of these problems but doesn’t allow marketers to automate a scalable tracking framework fully. That’s where ListenLayer comes in – our custom Listener for Marketo Forms automatically monitors all Marketo activity on your website and pushes structured data into the data layer when important events occur. Now you can set up a simple, automated method for tracking all of your current and future Marketo forms. Once you have the basics down, you can use ListenLayer’s advanced customizations to enhance your web analytics – all without programming!

How to Track Marketo Forms

Marketo Form submissions can be tracked in a number of ways. Traditionally, it was acceptable to redirect users to a thank you page once a form is submitted, and simple conversion tracking could be based on views of that thank you page. However, this creates a subpar user experience and lower quality data accuracy.

One alternative to using “thank you pages” is to fire events on form submissions directly to systems like Google Analytics. While this increases accuracy, tracking consistency across multiple marketing platforms is hard to achieve.

Tag manager solutions, such as GTM, improve consistency across platforms by allowing you to create a single rule and apply actions from multiple platforms to that rule. However, this basic setup misses most of the powerful features of tag manager tracking.

The Solution: Listeners & Data Layers

With ListenLayer, place a single script tag on your website (via GTM), and we’ll track all Marketo activity accurately and automatically. Then, we push this data into the data layer, which becomes available to write simple yet powerful rules in GTM to scale your tracking. It also increases the accuracy of conversions you receive.

With custom variables, use our platforms to define rules that push custom values into the data layer, allowing you to supercharge your tracking and data collection.