Get Started with Easier Conversion Tracking

Upgrade your website analytics, data capture, and conversion tracking using data layers from your Drupal Webform activity. Place a single script on your website, and we’ll listen for activity from Drupal Webforms across your website and push event and form details into data layers for use with Google Tag Manager. Use event details to customize conversion tracking dynamically across all of your marketing platforms.

Once you realize the power of data layers from ListenLayer, you’ll never go back!

What Is the Drupal Webform Module

Drupal Webform Module is a popular add-on for Drupal websites that allows you to create and manage forms across your website. Use their interface to develop simple or complicated multi-page forms to capture leads and information from your visitors.

ListenLayer allows you to easily track activity from all your Drupal Forms in a more accurate and scalable way.

How to Track Drupal Webforms

Most marketers use thank you pages to track conversions from Drupal Webforms. Unfortunately, this can create a subpar user experience, and inaccurate data as a page load is counted as a conversion!

Alternatively, you can hire a programmer to fire custom events when forms are submitted, but this won’t allow you to capture advanced details from your conversions or send the data to multiple platforms. Tag management solutions, such as GTM, solve some of these challenges; however, they struggle to scale and leave out important details – unless they are powered with data layers!

The Solution: Data Layers from Listeners

With ListenLayer, place a single script tag on your website (via GTM), and we’ll track all Drupal Webforms activity accurately and automatically. Then, we push this data into the data layer, which becomes available to write simple yet powerful rules in GTM to scale your tracking. It also increases the accuracy of conversions you receive.

With custom variables, use our platforms to define rules that push custom values into the data layer, allowing you to supercharge your tracking and data collection.