Easier Uberflip Form Tracking

Upgrade your website analytics, data capture, and conversion tracking using data layers from your Uberflip Form CTAs.

Place a single script on your website, and we’ll listen for activity from Uberflip Form CTAs across your website and push event and form details into data layers for use with a tool such as Google Tag Manager. Use event details to customize conversion tracking dynamically across your marketing platforms.

Once you realize the power of data layers from ListenLayer, you’ll never go back!

What is Uberflip

Uberflip is a content library management tool that allows B2B marketers to centralize and manage all of the content assets they utilize for lead generation on their website. Using Uberflip Streams, marketers can create dynamic content sets to display on their website based on user behavior, content themes, and sections.

Within these Uberflip Streams, marketers may embed forms to generate leads. These forms can come from another system, such as Hubspot, or use Uberflip’s native forms, also known as Calls-to-Action (Form CTAs).

Uberflip Form CTAs, and embedded forms from other systems, can be challenging to track. ListenLayer provides a simple yet powerful solution by pushing form activity from these applications directly into the data layer.

How to Track Uberflip Forms

Uberflip Form CTAs can be difficult to track as the forms are embedded into a content stream, and the user remains on the same screen after most form submissions (to create a seamless user experience). Traditional “thank you page” tracking is not conducive to this situation and provides poor accuracy.

Suppose your goal is to capture conversions from multiple Uberflip Form CTAs, along with forms embedded from other services like Marketo or Hubspot, into numerous marketing platforms. In that case, the only possible solution is to utilize Listeners.

Automate Conversion Tracking with Listeners

With ListenLayer, place a single script tag on your website (via Google Tag Manager), and we’ll track all Uberflip Forms activity accurately and automatically. Then, we push this data into the data layer, which becomes available to write simple yet powerful rules in GTM to scale your tracking. It also increases the accuracy of conversions you track across all marketing platforms.

With custom variables, use our platforms to define rules that push custom values into the data layer, allowing you to supercharge your tracking and data collection. We give you marketing analytics superpowers!