HubSpot CTA Data Layers

Our custom Listeners make it easy to generate data layers for tracking your HubSpot CTA buttons. Check out the samples below and get started for free!

HubSpot CTA Data Layer Examples

Learn more about how ListenLayer generates powerful data layers from the activity on your website, specifically from HubSpot CTAs.

Custom Data Layer Events

Like the ones shown here, generate data layer events when HubSpot CTA activity occurs on your website or landing pages. For example, collect information about how often HubSpot CTAs load and are clicked by users.

event: 'hsCTAClick',

event: 'hsCTALoaded'

Automatic Data Layer Values

ListenLayer pushes critical information from your HubSpot CTA buttons into the data layer automatically. Every HubSpot CTA impression and click automatically includes this information.

All data layer values can be captured as variables inside Google Tag Manager to push anywhere you’d like! You can even generate custom data layer values to segment your reporting.

  ctaAutomaticValues: {
    ctaId: 'hs-cta-img-c85700de-e7d3-4c0d-b346-6205c697e5fe',
    ctaFieldValues: {
      id: 'hs-cta-img-c85700de-e7d3-4c0d-b346-6205c697e5fe',
      value: 'Leave a review',
      url: {
        href: '',
        host: '',
        hostname: '',
        pathname: '/hubspot-regular-form/',
        protocol: 'https:'
    ctaLocation: {
      href: '',
      host: '',
      hostname: '',
      pathname: '/',
      protocol: 'https:',
      originPathName: ''

Custom Data Layer Values

Using data from your HubSpot CTAs, website, and user activity, ListenLayer allows you to write powerful rules that generate custom data layer values. With this feature, data collection and marketing analytics becomes nearly limitless!

Amplify your website analytics with powerful custom data layer values for HubSpot CTAs, with no programming required.

ctaCustomValues: {
	//custom variable values display here based on rules you write
	buttonName: 'Demo Button',
	conversionCategory: 'Button Click',
	buttonValue: 3