Using Visitor's Traffic Source Details

Watch real examples of ListenLayer in action with these Use Cases related to User Source and visitor engagement.

Every Marketer Deserves Easy, Powerful Measurement

Capture Visitors' Traffic Source In Real Time

Use ListenLayer to identify where users come from when they begin a session on your website. Collect source details over time to understand what paths and touch points influence conversions.

Send Custom Events & Parameters to GA4

ListenLayer makes it so easy to send events & parameters into GA using data generated from the User Source Listener. Now you can realize the full potential of Google Analytics 4’s powerful features.

Categorize Conversions and Other Analytics Data

Write rules in ListenLayer to categorize activity, allowing you to enhance your segmentation and insights.

Monitor Your Measurement Configuration

It’s always frustrating to find out that your conversion tracking or data collection has broken – or that your website experienced unusually low activity. ListenLayer allows you to write custom rules to monitor activity in your data collection so that you can be quickly notified of issues.