Adroll Conversion Tracking Configuration

Use data layers and custom events to expand and improve your conversion audiences in Adroll.

Feed Better Audience Data to Adroll - No Coding Required

Adroll allows you to create conversions, measure results, and serve remarketing ads based on audiences. Audiences can be defined using a number of methods, including identifying specific pages visited, uploading CRM data, feeding Adroll transaction data, or building an event-based audience.

Most marketers settle for basic URL-audiences, which leaves them with inaccurate and subpar data. ListenLayer allows you to take full advantage of all of the Adroll audience methods by automatically generating data layers from user activity on your website.

Place a simple script using GTM, turn on Listeners for the applications you use – then watch the data start flowing! Next, automate your audience & conversion tracking by categorizing events to send to Adroll using the event pixel or capture user characteristics to enhance your remarketing audiences.

Build future-proof, unified tracking with Listeners & Data Layers for Adroll.

How ListenLayer Improves Adroll Audiences

ListenLayer improves conversion tracking and data capture through powerful data layers and events. Simply install our script, turn on the listener, and watch as data layers and events populate GTM’s preview tool.

Use Triggers and variables inside GTM to create a dynamic, scalable tracking framework that sends data into Adroll – precisely the way you need it!

The Wrong Way to Track Conversions in Adroll

Adroll provides multiple methods to collect audience data and track conversions. However, the wrong approach is to simply rely on URL-matching to measure performance and build audiences. This forces the marketer to create sub-par “redirect experiences” and to miss critical data such as chat activity and transaction values.

Building a Website Tracking Framework

ListenLayer simplifies the problematic aspects of conversion tracking and data capture, so you can focus on building a powerful tracking model and getting the data you need.

Build Adroll tracking framework by doing these things:

  1. Leverage ListenLayer’s automated data layers to trigger conversions based on valid actions on your website (e-commerce transactions, form submissions, chat activity, video engagement, etc.)
  2. Build custom data layer values that allow you to categorize website activity and score user actions
  3. Use data layer values to create a tracking model in GTM, one that is easy to understand and scale
  4. Automate the collection of data into Adroll using their dynamic tracking pixels

Adroll provides a number of ways to send custom data to their platform. A few of these are shown as examples here.

<!--track revenue-->
<script type = "text/javascript">
 adroll.track("purchase", {
"ORDER_ID": 45363126496044,
"USER_ID": 1484555510469567,
"conversion_value": "728.00",
"currency": "USD",
"products": [
"price": "728.00",
"product_id": "99756497243",
"quantity": "1"

<!--track custom event-->
adroll.track("pageView", {"segment_name":"8dad90b0"}) 

<!--track website search-->
adroll.track("productSearch", {
    "keywords": "shoes",
    "products": [...]