Acuity (Squarespace) Scheduling Tracking

Now you can easily track conversions and activity from Acuity/Squarespace Scheduling across all of your marketing analytics platforms. In addition, ListenLayer generates automatic data layer activity that you can use inside Google Tag Manager!

Easier Acuity/Squarespace Conversion Tracking

Start using data layers to automate and enhance conversion tracking from Squarespace Scheduling. Place a single script on your website, and we’ll Listen for activity from Acuity (Squarespace) Scheduling across your website. Then, we’ll push this activity into the data layer (along with details of the appointment) to power your web analytics via Google Tag Manager.

Customize your data layer and conversion tracking using powerful rules you write inside of ListenLayer. Once you realize the power of ListenLayer, you’ll never go back!

How Acuity/Squarespace Scheduling Works

Acuity Scheduling is a popular cloud-based appointment scheduling software solution owned by Squarespace. It enables you to manage appointments from your website – but it uses iframes, so it is very hard to track!

Many Acuity Scheduling users struggle to ensure conversion tracking works across all of their marketing platforms because the scheduling application sits inside an iframe! For example, suppose you use the Acuity Scheduling Google Analytics integration. In that case, you know that events are sent to Google Analytics from appointments scheduled in the back-end of Acuity (which skews your data and makes it impossible to use).

ListenLayer allows you to easily track all of the scheduling activity on your website using the data layer – accurately!

How to Track Acuity (Squarespace) Scheduling

Turn on a simple Listener inside of ListenLayer, place a script on your website, and we’ll automatically push data layer activity into the browser whenever someone interacts with the Acuity Scheduling App on your website.

Once data exists in the data layer, it’s extremely simple to track conversions (and even enrich your data) using a tool like Google Tag Manager.

Using the Data Layer to Track Acuity Appointments

Here is an example of the data that ListenLayer makes available for your measurement strategy. The Listener automatically collects all known information about an appointment immediately when it is scheduled and makes it available in the browser as a data layer object. Once in the data layer, you can use ListenLayer to customize the data, store it in the browser, or monitor and report on its activity.

In addition, GTM runs on the data layer… so you can simply build triggers and variables referencing this data layer object to power your conversion tracking.

Sending Acuity Data to Multiple Marketing Platforms

Once your Acuity Scheduling activity is in the data layer, and being read by Google Tag Manager, you can easily send it to any Marketing Analytics Platform. Rather than simply relying on Acuity’s inaccurate Google Analytics integration, you can now send your conversions directly to GA, GA4, Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedAds, Microsoft (Bing Ads), and more.