Acuity (Squarespace) Scheduling Tracking Examples

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Track the Quality of Appointments Scheduled

Similar to form submissions, you can track the quality of appointments scheduled on your website by writing simple rules inside of ListenLayer. Watch this use case and apply similar concepts to the Acuity Listener.

Filter Out Test Appointments

You can filter test appointments out of your conversion tracking in the same way we do for form submissions.

Track Acuity/Squarespace Appointments in GA4

Once your Acuity appointment data is in the data layer, you can easily send it to GA4, just like any other event. Watch this use case on how to deliver events to GA4.

Know Where Appointments Come From

ListenLayer’s User Source listener will automatically identify where users come from and allow you to store this information. You can then resurface it during critical actions, such as scheduling an appointment. This detailed use case walks through how to utilize the User Source Listener. You can pair these concepts with the Acuity/Squarespace Listener to know where your appointments originate from!