Acuity (Squarespace) Scheduling Data Layer Events

Our custom Listeners make it easy to generate data layers for tracking your Acuity (Squarespace) Scheduling activity. Check out the samples below and get started for free!

Acuity (Squarespace) Scheduling Data Layer Examples

Learn more about how ListenLayer generates powerful data layers from the activity on your website, specifically for Acuity (Squarespace) Scheduling.

Custom Data Layer Events

The Acuity/Squarespace Scheduling Listener generates a single data layer event called “acuityAppointmentScheduled” whenever a visitor schedules an appointment via your website. Use this event to build triggers or customize data & conversion tracking using Google Tag Manager.

event: 'acuityAppointmentScheduled'

Automatic Data Layer Values

ListenLayer pushes critical information from your scheduled appointments into the data layer automatically. Here is an example of the data layer activity generated from an appointment scheduled via the website application. It includes the appointment ID, user’s information, and additional information about the time selected and the calendar used.

appointmentAutomaticValues: {
  appointmentFieldValues: {
    appointmentType: 'Initial Consultation &amp'
    calendar: 'Chase Belisle'
    clientDate: 'November 8, 2021'
    clientTime: '7:30am MST'
    email: '[email protected]'
    id: 720227330
    price: 0
    type: "appointment
  appointmentLocation: {
    fragment: null
    hostname: ''
    originPathName: ''
    parameters: {utm_source: 'bing'}
    pathname: '/request-a-demo/'
    protocol: 'https'

Custom Data Layer Values

This structured data can be further customized, monitored, and reported on inside ListenLayer. You can also capture it in Google Tag Manager by configuring a few simple triggers and variables – which can then be used to power your conversion tracking and measurement strategies!

ListenLayer allows you to fully customize your data layer activity – no programming required! Write rules to push traffic source values and segment your appointment data or enhance your measurement data. The sky is the limit!

appointmentCustomValues: {
  acuityID_userSource_path: "720227330-Microsoft Ads"
  formCategory: "Demo Scheduled"
  formName: "Acuity Demo Scheduling Form"
  userSource_first: "Microsoft Ads"

Using Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager runs on the data layer! Once ListenLayer has automated the creation and customization of the data layer, implementing your conversion tracking is simple:

  1. Create triggers based on the Acuity Scheduled Event
  2. Capture appointment details as variables inside of GTM
  3. Create tags to send your conversion data to all of your marketing platforms
  4. Configure monitoring inside ListenLayer to notify you if something breaks or changes